I ran across a neat trend of sharing your default apps, and a collection of posts doing so. It’s made some interesting reads and I thought I would join in and post my own favorites.

My Devices I have three different devices: a PC running Debian, a tablet I just got setup running Debian and a Waydroid container, and a phone running the Graphene fork of Android.
PC Tablet Phone
📨 Mail Client Proton Web Proton App Proton App
📮 Mail Server ^ ^ ^
📝 Notes Joplin Joplin Joplin
✅ To-Do n/a n/a Tasks (F-Droid)
📷 Photo Shooting n/a n/a AOSP Camera
🟦 Photo Management File Manager n/a AOSP Gallery
📆 Calendar n/a n/a Simple Calendar
📁 Cloud File Storage IceDrive (web) IceDrive (web) IceDrive (PWA)
📖 RSS Nextcloud (web) Nextcloud (web) Nextcloud News App
🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts n/a n/a AOSP Contacts
🌐 Browser LibreWolf Brave Fennec Firefox
💬 Chat Matrix > Signal > Telegram > G Chat (Web) Matrix > Signal > Telegram > G Chat (Web) Matrix > Signal > Telegram > G Chat (Web)
🔖 Bookmarks Unsynced Unsynced Unsynced
📑 Read It Later PDFs w/ Syncthing PDFs w/ Syncthing PDFs w/ Syncthing
📜 Word Processing LibreOffice LibreOffice n/a
📈 Spreadsheets LibreOffice n/a n/a
📊 Presentations LibreOffice n/a n/a
🛒 Shopping Lists Joplin Joplin Joplin
🍴 Meal Planning n/a n/a n/a
💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance n/a n/a MoneyWallet
📰 News Nextcloud (Web) Nextcould (Web) Nextcloud News App
🎵 Music VLC VLC Innertune
🎤 Podcasts VLC VLC VLC
🔐 Password Management Keepass Keepass Keepass


The above is the pre-built list, though for my post I thought I would add on a few extras I like:

PC Tablet Phone
🔑 2FA n/a n/a Agis
🛡️ Antivirus Clam-AV Clam-AV Hypatia
📖 E-Book Reader Calibre Calibre Librera (F-Droid)
🌐 Fediverse Web Lemmy: Voyager Microblogs: Fedilab (f-Droid) – Lemmy: Voyager – Nostr: Amethyst
📟 IRC HexChat n/a Revolution
📷 Photo Editor GIMP GIMP Snapseed
💬 SMS n/a n/a AOSP Messenger
📝 Text Editor Kate & Bluefish Gnome Text Editor Nano via Termux (rarely)
🖥 Terminal Konsole Gnome Terminal Termux
🔊 TTS Festival e-speak RHVoice
⌨️ Virtual Keyboard n/a Gnome Keyboard Open Board
📺 YT Client Nextcloud + Browser FreeTube NewPipe