Current Position:

Service Delivery Specialist at a managed services provider 2022-Current

Networking and system administration (both internal and customer), as well as support for when things break. Mostly on the software side, although if a physical issue occurs within the data-center that may be handled by me as well. Currently the only employee at that location while on shift.

Past positions (relevant to my field):

NOC Specialist

Internal networking and networking for select customers, as well as contacting/coordinating with carriers when needed. Same managed services provider as above.

I’ve also worked a number of other positions, from physical labor, to landscaping, to solo closing a department at a grocery store; though not as relevent to my current field.


Bachelor’s in Networking and Security

CCNAv7 Switching, routing, and wireless essentials (got through college classes that were outsourced to Cisco)

Hacking and Patching Certification by the University of Colorado

I can provide a much more complete resume if requested.