Subdomain Change


Even though it’s only been three months since I created my blog here, I’m going to change the domain from to instead. Nothing’s should break, will forward to for now. Still, if you’re following me through RSS or you have my site bookmarked it might be worth swapping out the URL.

Longer Update

My domain predates my blog by about six years, so when I created my blog a few months ago I opted to just use the www subdomain. Since I use my domain for multiple things I didn’t like the idea of using the root record for my blog and opted to leave it blank. The best way to describe my thought process was along the lines that my domain is my own corner of the internet that can be built in any way I want, and that by leaving the root domain blank I can have it branch out in a whole bunch of different ways instead of being one main thing and a few spin-offs. “www” is also fitting as it would be the “world wide web” facing portion it.

Irrational? Yes. But it’s my little corner of the internet so you need to put up with my antics.

Side Note: To any potential future employers reading this, I promise I won’t break your systems or set them up in a weird way.

Anyway, using just www as a subdomain does lead to a few potential problems. Some people (and some browsers), assume www and the root domain are interchangeable since that’s how most sites are set up. It also might be a kinda bad look if any future employers check out my site and think a networking professional can’t even configure a domain assuming they think it wasn’t intentional. Finally, I may end up using other subdomains as well, and changing it makes it simpler that way as well.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I’m changing the address from to For now I’m just going to set to redirect to; the site and RSS feeds can carry on automatically without breaking (although I would still recommend updating the link).