First Post

I think I’m going to start a blog here. I got this domain with some DNS records just collecting dust, and have an interest in writing stuff casually. I figure I’ll write about projects I work on or opinions about things in my field whenever something interests me enough to talk about it. I probably won’t write too much about myself personally though, if you’re reading this you probably A) know me already and somehow got roped into reading this, B) we’re working on some sort of project and you’re interested in reading about my writing about it, or C) find my writing about something interesting or useful (the latter being the most unlikely). In any of those cases you probably aren’t interested in what I had for breakfast.

This is also the first time I’m writing anything under my real name. Even though everything’s always mundane (unless you’re going to get up in arms about my tech preferences), it’s always been nice to have that buffer in between what I write and any prospective employer or anybody else who’d want to Google my name. Instead this time I’ll probably leave a somewhat cut down resume at the top bar and some contact details. I’m hoping it’ll be a neat way to express myself and also possibly network as well.

I’m going to build this blog using Hugo, a static site generator, and plan to host it on GitHub pages for free. I really wanted to try hosting it on IPFS, but unfortunately sometimes it’s a little slow and if you go the CloudFlare route you have to point all domain records to it; which would mess up the whole reason why I have the domain to begin with. If this site seems cool and you want to replicate it I’m using the Hugo theme clarity. If you wanted to take up a similar project but avoid terminal (or Powershell/Command Prompt) commands you might want to check out BuHo, a word processor style editor for Hugo sites. Last, if you don’t want anything technical or Google’s Blogspot are two easy ways to set up a blog easily, and if you own the domain that points to it you can move it at any point.